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Plaques, Tumblers, Coin Banks, and More

Items We Customize

Custom Onyx Plaques

Custom Onyx Plaques

Decorative plaque made from onyx, a dense, hard stone with a smooth, polished surface


Stainless steel 20oz skinny straight tumbler with leak proof lid and metal straw

Coin Banks

Light up coin bank made out of wood

Custom Orders

  • We accept payments via Venmo, Cashapp, Zelle, and card (card payments do include a 4% tax).
  • The full order total would be due upfront.
  • Any remaining balance can be paid in cash if picking up OR the full balance must be paid in full before shipment is made.
  • Shipping is $14 (FREE shipping for orders $125 or more).

WNY Residents Only

  • 2-day pickup - add $7 to total
  • Same-day pickup - add $10 to total
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